Discover how you can integrate Additive Fabrication Technologies into your organisation to produce better products, faster  and at less overall cost.

At Innovative Prototype Services Limited (IPS), we have no doubt that the future will hold devices as depicted on "Star Trek - The Next Generation" and "Voyager", where 'replicators' provide food and daily use items using 'patterns' and a version of the matter transporter technology. Until then, we have Additive Fabrication - which is rapidly moving in the right direction!

While 'replicators' and 'matter transporters' are science fiction for now, Additive Fabrication technologies are here and now and are a rapidly maturing technology platform. Almost every week there is a new material, an improvement in performance or a new machine, and it is this constant state of flux that puts some people off. 

We have spent years watching, studying and even advancing these technologies, so it is not as challenging for us to choose the best technology for the task as it may be for others. Also, we are technology agnostic. We are happy to assist you get the most form what is on offer - talk to us - We will see if we can help.